Sunday, September 9, 2012

Recent drawing I did of a lion. I tend to use different papers for different drawings. This one was done on a blank index card that I found in my desk at work. However, I almost always use black, india ink. This particular drawing was originally done in pencil using my Rotring 500. I then inked it in using a black Micron 0.2mm. I love these pens for the deep, black ink, and the consistency of the line they produce. I use a 0.2mm because I like my initial inking to be very fine, in case I need to make edits, or thicken a particular piece of the drawing. Once I have erased all of the pencil marks, and ensured that all of the inking looks correct, I fill it in using a black Micron 0.5mm. Anyway, I hope you like it. I will keep posting my work, and details of some of the pens, inks, papers, and equipment I use. Thanks!

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